Duration: 6:57

Level: Beginner

In this Traders’ Academy lesson we’ll be discussing monitoring your account balances and portfolio using IBKR Mobile on the Android phone. You’ll learn how to:
View your account balances, margin requirements, available funds and market value.
Access mobile Account Management for additional reports and to update trade permissions and market data subscriptions.
View your portfolio and daily P&L, plus how to customize and rearrange the column headers.
Manage your notifications and set-up the Trading Assistant for price, position and trade alerts.

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Study Notes:

In this Traders’ Academy lesson we’ll be discussing monitoring your account using IBKR Mobile on your Android phone. We’ll cover viewing the account screen, portfolio, closing positions, and how you can configure notifications using the Trading Assistant.

With IBKR Mobile you can quickly monitor your account activity, including account balances, margin requirements, available funds and Market Value details.

To view your account information, tap the Account icon from the main menu. The account screen opens with balances displayed. Use the button bar at the top to switch between pages of your account information window. Account balances for securities, commodities and in total. Tap the double arrows next to Total in the Balances line at the top of the screen to switch between showing Total amounts for your account, amounts only in the Securities segment of your account, and amounts only in the Commodities segment of your account.

Margins – shows current initial, maintenance margin and projected margin requirements.

Funds – shows you the state of your account including available funds, buying power and more.

Market Value – shows a total value for all assets by currency (sorted by asset type), plus the account’s Net Liquidation Value, realized and unrealized P&L and more.

Values shown in the Total (in USD) column reflect total value of your account in the account’s base currency.

Tap the double arrows next to Total to show values in that currency. Only currencies in which you hold positions will be available. Plus, swipe up to see the accounts net liquidation value, realized and unrealized P&L.

You can also access the mobile Account Management app where you can run reports, transfer funds and positions, set market data, trade permissions and more.

With IBKR Mobile, you can view current positions along with key account metrics like Daily P&L and Market Value. Tap the Portfolio icon from the main menu. In the top section of the screen you see your account, Daily P&L and Net Liquidation value– and below that you’ll see margin information, unrealized and realized P&L for your account.

Below that are a list of your positions. Daily P&L is your profit and loss for the day. If you swipe to the very bottom of the screen – you’ll see my daily P&L is using the Eastern Time Zone. You can tap the link below that to change your time zone in Configuration. You can search for a specific position – just tap the magnifying glass icon.

For example, if I enter TSLA and tap search – I can then view TSLA in my portfolio or choose another instrument type. I’ll tap Go to TSLA in Portfolio. If you tap the 3 dotted icon on the top right – you can turn on or off account data, enable FX portfolio- which includes currency positions in the list of positions, display closed positions, or close all positions, group complex position legs, show cash balance.

Close all positions will open the order ticket and enable you to close 100% or a portion of all your positions in your portfolio. You can sort your positions by asset type, instrument and unrealized P&L.

Select Columns to manage the column headers and use the horizontal lines to the right to rearrange the columns. Tap Add Columns at the bottom to see more columns to choose from. For instance, I can tap Prices and add Change Since Open %. Now you’ll see that that new column has been added to the portfolio screen.

Lastly on this screen you can adjust the sort options – positions are sorted by the checked field. You can view your FYIs and bulletins by tapping the Notification icon on the top right of the screen. Tap the gear icon to configure the FYI settings.

For example, I can swipe up and turn on to be notified of Option Expiration. The Trading Assistant comprises a group of separately-controlled notifications that can be set to proactively notify you when user-specified market, account, position and order activities warrant.

Tap menu icon select Trading Assistant. Notifications occur in real time, and are sent via email or text, based on your notification settings in Account Management. The Trading Assistant Status shows the ON/OFF status of each notification at the top of the screen.

Let’s take a look at the notification settings. Market Notifications Receive a notification if the daily price change percent exceeds the bounds you define for a specific instrument. Tap Add Security/Index and enter a symbol – SPX. Threshold boundaries can be set between -5% and 5%. Use the slider to change the boundaries. You can add multiple symbols by tapping the green + icon.

Account Notifications

Receive an alert when the margin cushion or Daily P&L exceeds your boundary or range.

Position Notifications

Sends an alert if the percent change of ANY of your positions exceeds the user-specified boundaries.

Trade Notifications

Turn on to receive a notification about executions. You can also define your delivery method and specify your time zone.

You can monitor news for instruments in your portfolio. Just tap Portfolio News from the main menu. Tap any news item to see the article display. Tap the arrows on the top right to scroll through news items. Tap the 3 dotted icon to open in browser, copy text or access related tickers.

You can use IBot to monitor your account and portfolio. Here are some examples:

  • Current P&L
  • Available funds
  • What is my buying power?

For more popular commands, click the Additional Information button and choose the IBot Commands link.

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