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Duration: 4:51

Level: Beginner

In this Traders’ Academy lesson we’ll discuss creating scanners and explore some configuration tips for IBKR Mobile on your Android. You’ll learn how to:
Access the different types of scanners, such as Most Active, Top Percentage Gainers, Most Active by Option Volume and More;
Run existing scanners and create your own with filter criteria; and Customize IBKR Mobile.

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Study Notes:

IBKR Mobile Scanners allow you to quickly and easily scan global markets for the top performing contracts, in America, Europe or Asia including stocks, options, futures, indexes and more.

In order to view the Scanners, access the main menu and select Scanners in the Monitor section. Choose from device scanners or Cloud scanners and tap to display. Cloud scanners were created on the desktop version of TWS and saved to the cloud. If you don’t see any Cloud Scanners, you may not have elected to save them to the cloud. In desktop TWS, use the Lock and Exit page in Global Configuration to enable both “Save market scanners to cloud” and “Use/store settings on server”.

You’ll see that a few scanners have been created and you can just tap the scanner to see the scanner results. The scanner name is always displayed at the top. You’ll see the scan results display with the instrument, last and volume.

Tap on the quote line to see the mini-chart, today’s high and low, 52 week high and low and NBBO. Just like the watchlist, tap again to see the Quote Details screen. Tap the 3 dotted icon on the top right to edit the scanner. Here you can see a full list of filter criteria.

For stocks, you’ll see multiple option filter criteria, charting filters for Extended Moving Average, MACD and fundamental data as well. In this example, I’ll add Price Below 50. Then tap the blue Save button. The Scanner results will automatically display.

To create an entirely new scanner, tap the blue circular + button on the bottom right of the scanner page. Select a region/instrument type pair, for example US Stocks, Europe Futures, Asia Single Stock Futures etc. Scanner types are based on the selected region/instrument. I‘ll go ahead and select US Futures. Next, you’ll see a full list of scanners. I’ll choose Most Active. Now, you’ll see a full list of filters for this scanner type. I’ll tap Product Category and select Energy – and then tap Save. Now you’ll see the scanner results. If you tap the arrow on the top left – you’ll now see the new scanner appear in the Device Scanner list.

Tap the 3 dotted icon to also add a scanner or to edit the scanner page. Here’s where you can rearrange the list of scanners or tap the checkbox and use the trash can icon to delete. Configuration Tips As you can see, IBKR Mobile has an intuitive and easy to use user interface. In this part of the lesson we’ll share a few tips on some customizations you might find useful. Let’s access Configuration from the main menu.

In the Access and Security section, you can enable Read Only Access which will allow you to quickly access your mobile account without having to log in. This mode supports all actions EXCEPT trading; when you want to submit a trade you will be prompted to complete the full login. If you do not see the Read-Only item, you can enable it within Account Management. Once you have activated Read-Only Access, TWS for Mobile will always open in this mode. If you fully log out using the Logout slider or button, you will be required to fully log back in for Read-Only Access to be enabled.

Here’s another tip in the Display section, you can tap Sync columns to enable all watchlist to use the same column layout. In the Cloud section, you can elect to save watchlists to the cloud so that they may be used on other devices. You can even import your watchlists from TWS desktop and other devices.

In the Application section, you can set your Language setting, change the background color to a lighter theme. You can enable a simplified user interface which will improve accessibility, for example the ‘Slide to Transmit’ button on the order screen will be replaced with a basic ‘Transmit’ button and confirmation popup.

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