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Contributor: CME Group

Level: Beginner

In this section, you’ll explore the differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Then, you’ll learn an important concept that traders need to understand—the difference between trending and anti-trending markets.

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Lesson: #1 Market Makers vs. Market Takers

Any thriving marketplace has two types of traders: market makers and market takers.

Lesson: #2 Liquidity and Immediacy

There are three key features traders will look for when considering entering a new market. Does the market offer a tight bid/offer spread? Is it liquid? What are the trading hours?

Lesson: #3 Fundamental Trading Methods

Fundamental traders do well when they can recognize the potential for a significant price move toward or away from equilibrium caused by a change in the underlying supply or demand.

Lesson: #4 Trend vs. Anti-Trend

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Lesson: #5 Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance are common terms that traders use to describe levels where price is more likely to stop moving in one direction or change direction.

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