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Duration: 2:47


Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

From checking and savings, to mortgage and retirement, we all have many, many financial accounts to deal with each month. The powerful PortfolioAnalyst enables users to import externally-held financial reports and view them within the tool. This lesson walks through how users may engineer that process in order to consolidate their financial data.

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Study Notes:

This lesson aims to show you how to add external accounts held at any financial institution to Portfolio

The Account Net Asset Value panel on the PortfolioAnalyst Summary screen shows you an interactive
bar graph of the current total value of all of your accounts, including your IB account if you have one and
any external accounts you have added, and your current brokerage account return percentage. The
beginning, current and amount change of all of your accounts sorted by account type appears below the
chart. These could include Brokers, Banks, Credit Cards, Other Assets and Other Liabilities. You can drill
down to see more details for any account type, and then drill down to see more details for any
individual account.

You can add any investment or non-investment accounts, including brokerage, bank and credit card
accounts as well as other accounts representing assets and liabilities. The PortfolioAnalyst Home screen
shows the Net Asset Value (NAV) of all of your external accounts in a chart and a table. If you have an
Interactive Brokers account, the current NAV of your account will appear by default.

Adding External Accounts

Click the green button to start adding External Accounts.

Read the disclosure and click CONTINUE. The Add Accounts panel opens.

Some popular institutions appear in the box. Choose one or type the name of the institution in the
search field. Once you start typing the name, matching institutions appear in the list below the field.
Type the username and password for the account at the selected financial institution. Type your
password a second time, and then click Next.

Click the check box next to each account that you want to add. For example, you may have several
different accounts at another financial institution but you only want to add one of them to

If the account is successfully added, a confirmation screen opens that lists the account(s) you just added,
including the account ID and current balance.

Click Close to stop adding accounts or Add More Accounts to add more external accounts.
You can see your external account data on the Portfolio Analyst Summary screen. Once you add an
external account, it takes one business day for the data to be updated in PortfolioAnalyst. All of your
external accounts are included by the next business day.

That concludes this Traders’ Academy Portfolio Analyst lesson. When you continue we’ll give you a short
quiz to test your understanding of the material we covered today.

Disclosure: Interactive Brokers

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