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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

Users may log in to the Client Portal website where they can easily access statements and portfolio reports. Explore the accounting capabilities of Client Portal along with an array of other tools including Flex and Tax reporting.

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Study Notes:

When you log into Client Portal, you will be able to access an array of statements and reports that can be configured to suit your needs. And as you build these reports you may also schedule delivery to suit the frequency you desire.

Throughout Client Portal look out for the question mark symbol. Click these to learn more about the definitions displayed or to access an underlying cheat sheet to provide additional help.  And wherever you see these blue gear icons, it means that you can configure something.

Open the Application Menu from the top left of Client Portal.


PortfolioAnalyst lets you analyze the performance of your IBKR account, view balances, returns, positions and trades in external financial institution accounts.

Users may analyze portfolio or position performance on daily, monthly or quarterly time periods using industry standard risk measures.

For further in-depth details on Portfolio Analyst see the Traders’ Academy course online.


The Statements menu allows clients to access default, customized or third-party statements.

Use the dropdown selection menus to build mark-to-market summaries, model performance, activity, realized P&L statements and trade confirmations.

These reports are deliverable in various formats. To the right of the page you will see a Custom Statements area where you can build and save your own requests.

Below is the statements delivery area. Use the configure wrench to set your Activity Statement and Daily Trade Report notifications.

These can be enabled by email, as attachments to an email or sent to your account message center. They can be disabled too.

Flex Queries

Users may build, save and run trade confirmation flex queries from this area. And can also schedule delivery using the configuration wrench to the right of the screen.

Other Reports

Use the Other Reports tab to select from a series of Risk reports or Transaction Cost Analysis.

This enables you to review trade fill prices and market conditions from the time your order was entered to when it was filled.

Tax Forms

You can locate and download various available tax forms for the past five years under the Tax report menu.

Select the desired report and required year and choose the format to download.

Use the Help icon to access a link to complete descriptions of tax forms, reports and important tax-related issues.

You will also see the Tax Optimizer window to the right of the page.

This allows clients to select a day and launch the tool to help minimize tax obligations should you wish to close out specific positions that would create a tax event.

Use the Cost Basis configuration design to specify cost basis for positions transferred into your account using ACATS and other transfer methods.

Cost basis is the original value of an asset and is generally used to determine the capital gain from a sale of securities.

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