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Duration: 6:10

Level: Beginner

Learn more about the IBKR trading platforms which includes Trader Workstation, IBKR Mobile, Client Portal and the robust TWS API. For training on these platforms, along with IBKR’s products and services, we’ll introduce you to IBKR’s Traders’ Academy. This free resource offers more than 45 curated courses containing over 200+ short videos, plus study notes and more!

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Study Notes:

Which Platform is right for you? – As an investor at Interactive Brokers, you have a tremendous amount of choice in how to trade.

  • Our award-winning downloadable desktop Trader Workstation is freely available to any client.
  • For on-the-go investors IBKR Mobile supports both iOS and Android devices.
  • Users can also trade from within IBKR’s Client Portal where you can also stay updated on your account, reports, market activity as well as trade.
  • Finally, we provide a robust API for Trader Workstation where orders, market data and account information can be accessed programmatically.

For more information about each platform on our web site visit the Trading menu and select Platforms. If you scroll down the page, you’ll see tables allowing you to compare which features, products and analysis are available on each platform.

IBKR Traders’ Academy – For training on these platforms, along with IBKR’s products and services, access the Education menu and select Traders’ Academy. This free resource offers more than 45 curated courses containing over 200 Short Videos, plus study notes.

Each course addresses a specific area such as Order Types or Trading Bonds for example.  If we select Order Types – you’ll see Each lesson has its own set of study notes beneath the embedded video along with links to additional resources. And if you want to “test your knowledge” by taking accompanying quizzes for each lesson, you will need to register. But if you just want to dip in and watch any of the videos, it’s all free.

Notice the filters at the top of the home page. You will immediately notice that we break the content down in to skill level – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

Since we were just discussing the different trading platforms, lets locate some courses about the platforms, select All Courses, and then IBKR Trading Tools, then filter the Beginner courses.

  • If you scroll down the page, you’ll see TWS for Beginners – this is a great starting point to learn all about getting started with the desktop Trader Workstation. This course will explain how to download the software to your desktop and login. You will learn how to configure the workspace and generally navigate the system. And this course will show you how to enter basic orders, create a watchlist, view charts and more.
  • Another course you may find useful is Client Portal – as noted earlier in this lesson, Client Portal is a web-based login to view your account, summary of activity, market related news and make the occasional trade. In addition, you can perform fund and asset transfers as well as use our available banking functions. This course will walk you through how to familiarize yourself with the Client Portal.
  • We also have a course devoted to using our IBKR Mobile platforms for both iOS and Android devices. The course will help you get started, learn how to view charts, get quotes and how to trade on your mobile device. And there’s a great lesson on Configuration Tips.
  • Those courses will quickly help you get the gears into operation with your new account at Interactive Brokers. Next you should take a deeper dive , here are more courses that you may find of interest:
    • Introduction to TWS Order Types – Here you will learn about some of the more popular order types available in TWS, such as limit, market and stops.
    • Introduction to Charts – Here you will learn how to configure charts, view multiple charts and learn how to add multiple studies and even trade directly from a chart.
    • Check out any of our Investment Product-related courses. When you display according to skill level, note the additional filter to the upper right of the page enabling you to expand the content to either all lessons or view the full course. Yellow badge on the front designates that it’s a full course. Click on a course to drill down to a list of associated lessons.
    • You will also notice that Traders’ Academy contains great content from our partners including CME Group, WisdomTree, Direxion and State Street among others.
    • And if you are an Advisor joining interactive Brokers, please access the two Advisor Orientation courses devised specifically for you from the Topics and Advisors menu from any page. Our courses walk you through the Advisor Portal including many aspects of the customer relationship management system as well as how to set fees and create customized reports for your clients.

In addition to the FAQs and Traders’ Academy – let’s look at another couple of specific help areas. Let’s go back to the Support page at and select Individuals.

Scroll down to the Information & Tools section and see additional links. Right here you will find the TWS Users’ Guide. Access this link for granular information on every aspect of TWS. And below these links you will find eight additional icons with other ways of getting help including email, phone and chat.

That does it for this Orientation course at Interactive Brokers. We hope this course helps you locate the help and training you need to get up to speed faster.

Disclosure: Interactive Brokers

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