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Duration: 3:13

Level: Beginner

Use the Client Portal to request trading permissions for stocks, options, futures and more products. In this lesson we also show you how to subscribe to Market and Research Data.

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Study Notes:

You can use Client Portal to request trading permissions for stocks, options, futures and more products. In this lesson we also show you how to subscribe to Market Data & Research.

Trading Permissions

  • Select the Trade tab from the Client Portal homepage and select My Trading Permissions.
  • To request trading permissions, first select a product.
  • Click continue at the bottom of the page.
  • Define your experience, trades per year and trading knowledge as required.
  • When all product selections are complete, click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  • On the next page, review your completed requests and any associated documents before entering your signature at the bottom of the page.
  • Then Click Continue.

Note that trading permissions can take up to 24-hours to approve.

Market Data Subscriptions

  • To subscribe to market data, click on the ‘head-and-shoulders’ user icon in the upper right corner of Client Portal.
  • Click on User Settings from the pop-up menu.
  • Look for the Trading Platform section and locate Market Data Subscriptions. Click the gear icon to configure.

The page will display any ‘fee waived’ market data subscriptions as well as your existing subscriptions by region.

Use the gear icon again to browse available subscriptions by region and product. You will see regions across the top of the table and different types of data down the left column to include Quote Bundles, Index data, Market Depth or Fixed Income subscriptions.

Expand a section and locate the desired package. Each package is described, and the cost clearly displayed below. Click the checkbox to the right for the data package you want to subscribe to.

Do take note, however, that subscriptions are charged monthly. So, make a point of subscribing at the start of a month and not towards the end, as you will be billed for partial subscriptions at the full monthly rate.

Subscribe to Research Data

On the User Settings page, you will also notice that you can configure subscriptions to research providers.  Just follow the same process and click the gear icon.  You’ll see a list of newswires, the cost or if the fee is waived, plus whether a free trial is available.

Tip: Select the “I” icon for more details.

Scroll below to see contributors for Analyst Research and Technical Analysis.  Plus, at the bottom third party services. Make you selection and click continue.  Review your new requests and then digitally sign the agreement.

Configure Financial and Trading Experience, click on the ‘head-and-shoulders’ user icon and select Manage Account.

From this page you can configure both Financial Information and Trading Experience by using the gear icon. To the right of the screen are many administrative capabilities to sign-up for or configure. For instance, Dividend Election.  Here’s where you can select the payout option for all dividends and capital gains.

For more information, select the question mark icon.

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