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Duration: 3:43

Level: Beginner

This lesson will show you how in the Advisor Portal to run default and custom reports to view client activity.

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Study Notes:

The Advisor Portal offers access to two key areas allowing you to run default and custom reports in order to view client activity. We will go into more detail about PortfolioAnalyst elsewhere, but this video will explain where to locate reports for both areas.

Across the top of Advisor Portal, click the Reports/Tax Docs button. To the right of the word Reports you will see a blue pill with an account number. This tells you which account or account you are creating reports for.

Click the blue pill to invoke the Account Picker from the right of the screen. Select the accounts you want to produce reports for by checking the box to the left of each account. Scroll down and click Continue when done to return to the Reports page.

Below the blue pill are four tabs. We’ll focus on this lesson on Statements, but let’s look at the additional tabs first.

The Flex Query tab allows you to create and request Activity and Trade Confirmation queries. These queries can be created and saved for future use.

The Other Reports tab displays an array of Risk reports (Margin, Stress Test and Value at Risk), while below you can see a group of Supplemental reports for TCA, P&L Markup, Advisory Fee invoices, Tax Lot Holding Period Changes and Account Confirmation Letters.

The Tax tab allows you to access forms by account for a specific year, and to make changes to tax treatment when trading on behalf of clients.

Back on the Statements tab you will see that we offer Default Statements and Custom Statements.

We’ll explain how to build a statement shortly.

To the right you can configure delivery of statements. Remember that the delivery configuration corresponds to the active account as shown in the blue pill next to the word Reports. Click the question mark icon to get additional online help.

Below you can download statements to Third-Party reporting software. Click the help icon for additional online help.

In the Default statements area, you will see the list of available reports.

Use the arrow icon to the right to run the desired statement for the selected account. Click the Information icon to the left of each report to see the default content.

In the area below you may build as many custom statements as you wish and run them on demand.

Use the ‘+’ sign to the right to begin the process. Name your custom statement. Review and select from the many sections below, which items to include. Click on the ‘All’ button to choose them all.

The Advisor Portal offers a multitude of customizable reports including but not limited to Trade, Activity, Risk, and Portfolio Reports, and are included free of charge with your account. Utilize this powerful tool to run reports and get data to fit yours and your clients’ needs.

For more information, see the Advisors User Guide.

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