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Duration: 5:48

Level: Beginner

PortfolioAnalyst is a powerful analytical tool housed within Client Portal for users to assess performance of brokerage and external financial accounts over a user-driven timeframe.

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Study Notes:

The PortfolioAnalyst tool enables you to easily view portfolio performance over time, create customized reports and you can group your positions according to various allocation methods. You don’t need to be an Interactive Brokers account holder to use this free tool, but you will need to link your external accounts to test it out.

  • Log in to Client Portal and from the home screen, use the navigation menu to locate and click the PortfolioAnalyst button to reveal a shortcut menu.
  • Click the Home button.

That same menu is displayed along the top of the PortfolioAnalyst page.

Use the Navigation bar along the top to choose a destination.

Because PortfolioAnalyst enables users to add external financial accounts, such as brokerage accounts, mortgage, investment and additional bank accounts, you must pay attention to precisely which accounts are included in the view you are looking at.

  • Next to the PortfolioAnalyst label are blue pills containing the account numbers included in the current view.
  • Click a pill to invoke the account selector and then check off the accounts you want to include in the chart display.
  • Click the Continue button at the bottom of the account picker to proceed.
  • The Net Asset Value of the selected accounts is prominently displayed in chart form on the home screen, along with period return as well as deposits and withdrawals.
  • Use the buttons to the top left of the page to choose a different period. You can see data from when each account was added, or you may choose a custom display.
  • Above the deposits/withdrawals label are four blue and white icons.
  • When the icon is predominantly blue the display is active, and when it is mainly white the feature is inactive.

NAV and returns can be shown as either money weighted or time weighted format. And the chart display and accompanying table can be either on display or hidden using these blue and white icons.

To compare your returns to a market index, click to Add Benchmark icon and select up to three benchmarks. Click Save when done to add these to your chart display.

The table beneath the chart breaks positions down by asset class, but also by account in the case that you add external accounts. We’ll demonstrate how to add external accounts in another video.

Let’s expand the Equities area to reveal positions held during the period selected.

This will display quantity, price and value of current positions compared to prior quantity, price and value.

By default, Long and Short column-headers are hidden, but can easily be configured on to the display.

And so, to the right the period contribution and returns can be displayed by position.

The Equities Total line explains the prior value of positions in comparison to the current, and the change so that the contribution column calculates the impact each position had on the return.

Use the gear icon to the upper right of the table to configure the columns displayed in the table. Use the filter icon to include or exclude accounts by type.

So, that’s an introduction to the home screen for PortfolioAnalyst.

To the right is a Reports tab, where you can create reports to display Portfolio performance information choosing from multiple fields and metrics.

The Portfolio Checkup tab allows you to consolidate accounts and review their returns, risk and various measures of distribution on a single screen.

The Concentration tab takes an account (or selected accounts) and performs a concentration analysis on their holdings by looking at Holdings and Exposure.

The tool takes into account the components of each fund held within the portfolio and reviews according to allocation by Asset Class, Sector, Region, Country and Financial sector. Each task returns a pie chart to display the holdings for you.

Use the help icon to the upper right of the relevant display to reveal the potential groupings for each allocation.

The ESG tab allows you to succinctly visualize the consolidated ESG ratings of any or all of your accounts.  You can see a breakdown of how the metrics are calculated and what they cover by clicking the help icon to the upper right of the display.

The component pieces within Social, Governance and Governmental factor pillars are displayed in the three boxes along the bottom of the display.

Note the hyperlink to our ESG White Paper to the lower left of the screen for further detailed information.

The External Accounts tab is your starting point for adding held-away accounts to perform a comprehensive analysis using PortfolioAnalyst.

Finally, the Education Center tab provides links to FAQs and additional resources to help you understand PortfolioAnalyst.

In later lessons we will explain how to create and run reports and how to maximize your use of PortfolioAnalyst by adding external accounts.

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PortfolioAnalyst User Guide

Performance Attribution

Money and Time Weighted Return

Risk Measures and Exposure

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