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Duration: 2:21

Level: Beginner

This lesson walks you through the easy process of entering a simple order ticket for submitting a trade, whether you are investing in stocks, options, futures or other assets.

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Study Notes:

This lesson walks you through the easy process of entering a simple order ticket for submitting a trade, whether you are investing in stocks, options, futures or other assets.

  • Click the Trade tab to access the asset class menu and make a selection.
  • To the left you will see a blank Order Ticket.
  • In the center you can see symbols for your most recent trades.
  • Click one to auto-populate the order entry ticket.
  • Either click the symbol you wish to trade or enter directly into the order ticket.
  • Click either the Buy or Sell button.

  • Adjust the number of shares you want to transact, or else enter a dollar amount.
  • Set the order type.
  • If using a limit price, enter the desired value in the price input field.
  • You may choose a day order or else select a good-till-cancelled order type.
  • And you can set either a profit-taking order and/or a stop loss should you wish.
  • You may now Preview or Submit your order.

In the center column, you will see a performance graph.

Use the tab across the top to change asset class. For example, if you select Futures, enter the contract you want to trade.  And then follow the same processes to buy or sell the future, enter a quantity and determine the order type and price.  Then submit your order or click preview.

To see your live orders and trades, click the Trade menu and select Orders and Trades.  If you decide to modify or cancel your order, select the order and the three dots to the right to cancel or modify. If you click quote, you’ll see a quote detail page with a full chart, lows and highs plus news highlights.  Scrolling down the page, you’ll see fundamentals too.  You can trade from this page as well.

Back on the trade page, you can see your account value on the top right. Beneath this you can quickly access your open position by clicking the link to Close All Positions. Here, you can quickly filter a percentage of long or short positions to trim if you wish.

Remember you can always practice with your paper trading account.

Thanks for joining us.

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