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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

Our introduction to the TWS Mosaic platform will help you understand how to navigate it for the first time and how to maximize your use as you develop your skills.

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Lesson: #1 TWS Beginners – Course Intro

These lessons walk you through how to set up basic trades and how to configure your workspace to your satisfaction. You will learn how to configure the news panel to easily locate news and access available research from IBKR’s providers. Plus, we will help you get underway with several order types, chart configuration, creating watchlists and accessing portfolio information.

Lesson: #2 Getting Started with TWS

In this lesson, we aim to explain some top-level concepts to help you familiarize yourself with the Trader Workstation or TWS platform. To get started we are going to walk through these steps: download and set-up TWS, explore the Mosaic panels and show you how to customize the Mosaic layout.

Lesson: #3 Getting Started with the Order Entry Panel

In this lesson, we’ll jump straight into to the TWS Mosaic Order Entry panel– exploring all available order types - from basic Market order to advanced Algos.

Lesson: #4 Getting Started with the Monitor Panel

The Monitor panel is where many investors will keep track of their favorite assets. Learn how to easily configure Watchlists, access the Portfolio window and more.

Lesson: #5 Getting Started with the Quote Panel

Learn how to read the Quote panel and where your investments are trading at a glance. The Quote panel offers a snapshot of price and fundamental details about an instrument, as well as ESG-related information.

Lesson: #6 Getting Started with TWS Charts

Visualize the market using TWS charts. This primer explains the basics you need to know to navigate the Chart window.

Lesson: #7 Getting Started with the Activity Monitor

Monitor and manage open orders from the Activity monitor. Learn how to filter executed trades and configure the display.

Lesson: #8 Getting Started with the News Panel

TWS users have access to a plethora of news vendors. This primer explains where to find providers and how to configure your newsfeeds.

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