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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Intermediate

This course is designed to help investors understand the implications of trading outside of their domestic market. The goal is to help investors be aware of available markets, trading permissions and market data available through Interactive Brokers.

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Lesson: #1 Trading Forex using TWS FXTrader

IBKR's FXTrader combines quotes from 17 of the world’s largest interbank dealers and offers TWS users a dedicated and highly configurable forex trading resource.

Lesson: #2 Mechanics of an Overseas Trade

When buying shares priced in a currency other than your chosen base currency, there are additional risks and considerations when entering the trade. This lesson explains the presence of currency risk when buying overseas and shows how investors can either manage the currency risk at the time of the trade or use a portfolio margin loan. The lesson demonstrates the impact on P&L under various scenarios for exchange rate and changes in the underlying share price.

Lesson: #3 Entering Overseas Stock and Currency Orders in Mosaic

Buying and selling domestic stocks comes second nature to investors. However, when investors look abroad there are other practical considerations to be aware of. This lesson puts in to practice the earlier Mechanics of an Overseas Trade and walks the user through order entry for non-domestic issues. You will learn how to change a basic order into an order with FX attachment to settle the trade in a non-base currency. The lesson also explains the difference between managing currency risk and adopting a margin loan as an alternative.

Lesson: #4 Dual FX Display

This is an important lesson for any investor wishing to understand the difference between converting or creating a currency balance and establishing a contract style position. The video details the two available order routing methods in TWS and what impact each method will have when viewing positions in Account Management.

Lesson: #5 Trading Overseas with IBKR

This lesson was designed to help clients wishing to place trades outside of their resident country to configure their market data and trading permissions. The video shows step-by-step view access to Account management in order to understand where to update profile and access additional items.

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