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Level: Intermediate

Contributed By: State Street Global Advisors

This course by State Street Global Advisors will discuss ETF trading factors, market structure
and executions, liquidity considerations and ETFs and market volatility events.

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This lesson will discuss: • The ETF liquidity pool • How ETFs Work: Creation/Redemption • Liquidity of Underlying Basket • Total Cost of Ownership

This lesson will discuss: • US ETFs: Where They Trade • ETF Execution Strategies • Increased Use of RFQ Platforms for Block Trades • US ETFs: Market Structure Linkages

This lesson will discuss: • International Equities: Trading Hours • Fixed Income ETFs: Premium/Discount • Fixed Income ETFs: Matrix Pricing • Fixed Income ETFs: Wrapper Benefits

This lesson will discuss: • ETF Volumes Increase During Volatility • High Yield ETF Trading Behavior • High Yield ETF Trading • 3 Case Studies

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