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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

The PortfolioAnalyst reporting tool enables users to slice and dice portfolio investments in order to measure and compare performance against routine or complex benchmarks. From a simple snapshot of your investments to a granular detailed report, the user is able to create reports that explain portfolio performance relative to selected benchmark sectors.

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Lesson: #1 PortfolioAnalyst – Overview

PortfolioAnalyst has a vast amount of number-crunching capabilities for the user to customize. We begin this course by jumping into a sampling of potential report views available within PortfolioAnalyst and describe some of the charts and data tables a user may configure.

Lesson: #2 PortfolioAnalyst – Getting Started

This lesson helps the user understand how to log in to PortfolioAnalyst and describes the interface upon opening this powerful reporting tool. Registrants will learn what is available from each area of the tool and offers a primer on accessing and creating reports.

Lesson: #3 PortfolioAnalyst – Adding External Accounts

From checking and savings, to mortgage and retirement, we all have many, many financial accounts to deal with each month. The powerful PortfolioAnalyst enables users to import externally-held financial reports and view them within the tool. This lesson walks through how users may engineer that process in order to consolidate their financial data.

Lesson: #4 PortfolioAnalyst – Creating Custom Reports

With dozens of available metrics to choose from, this lesson shows the user how to access and customize reports across different time periods. Learn how to measure your portfolio performance against that of the S&P 500 index as we walk through both the report and benchmark creation process.

Lesson: #5 Portfolio Checkup

This lesson explains how to access and use the Portfolio Checkup feature within PortfolioAnalyst. Here, users can select a specific account or set of accounts and view a single-page snapshot of performance, risk and return.

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