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We will teach you the different types of margin accounts, methods and requirements in order to understand how margin rules are determined both domestically and abroad. Trading on margin is only for sophisticated traders. You may lose more than your initial investment.

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The Main Goals: The concept of margin and leverage; the different types of margin and margin account types; the underlying key concepts and definitions relating to margin; and the main benefits and risks of trading on margin.

The Main Goals: How margin trading works for stocks, options, and bonds; and margin requirement mechanics for securities and the key distinctions.

The Main Goals: The mechanics of commodities margin trading and the margin requirement for commodities.

The Main Goals: How to execute a margin trade in TWS and how to identify the tools and features in the IB trading platform to assist with margin trading.

The Main Goals: The mechanics of margin trading at an international level; the key differences between US and foreign margin requirements and the concept of risk management and portfolio building.

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