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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Intermediate

For most money managers, risk management is a key component to investing. The IB Risk Navigator is a powerful standalone portfolio monitoring tool built to measure and aggregate real and dummy position exposure across all asset classes.

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Lesson: #1 Introduction to IBKR’s Risk Navigator©

IB’s Risk Navigator is a sophisticated portfolio monitoring tool allowing investors and portfolio managers to measure existing positions across all asset classes. The Risk Navigator measures exposure according to currency and commonly-used Greek metrics that common-size risk by delta and gamma. This lesson will introduce the Risk Navigator and show how it can be used to create what-if views, enabling clients to check in advance the impact of adding, removing or hedging some or all parts of a portfolio.

Lesson: #2 Margin Sensitivity Using IBKR Risk Navigator

Learn about top tips for IB Risk Navigator margin sensitivity. Investors may want to know the impact on their margin value in the event they want to change positions from day-to-day. To do this, TWS users can open IB Risk Navigator and look at the Margin Sensitivity tab to judge the impact on Initial and Maintenance Margin values from increasing or reducing part of their holdings.

Lesson: #3 Beta Weighting in the IB Risk Navigator©

In this short video, you will see the impact on a stock portfolio from a shift in an underlying benchmark index. The aim of this video is to view contrasting impacts between an Equal Weighted portfolio and a Beta Weighted portfolio.

Lesson: #4 Configuring Portfolio and Underlying Risk in Risk Navigator

IBKR Risk Navigator columns can easily be added or deleted depending upon what risk measures and values investors want to see. This lesson will show you how to add additional columns and how you can sort the values by ascending or descending rank.

Lesson: #5 IBKR Risk Navigator – Calculating the Forward Prices for Options

This lesson will show you how to use the Custom Scenario within IB Risk Navigator to estimate the forward price for option contracts.

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