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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

This course is about using IBKR Mobile on your iPhone and we’ll also explore the iPad user interface. We’ll cover a wide range of topics such as customizing your watchlists, adding chart indicators, plus trading stocks, options, futures and forex worldwide.

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Lesson: #1 Getting Started with IBKR Mobile on the iPhone©

Join us on this initial lesson of IBKR Mobile for iOS. Learn how to: Successfully install IBKR Mobile for iOS and log in; Create Watchlists with a variety of financial instruments; Customize the column headers and rearrange the Watchlist layout; Import and sync Watchlists from desktop TWS and other mobile devices; and Configure column headers to sync across all Watchlists.

Lesson: #2 Quote Details & Charts

This lesson will explore IBKR Mobiles’ Quote Details & Charts. Learn how to: Launch multiple tools – Order Wheel, Option Chains and BookTrader; Customize the chart settings - bar size and type, volume, annotations and indicators; Add multiple studies such as: Momentum, Regression, Moving Averages and more!; View position, fundamental and volatilities for the selected instrument; and Create orders and view news, research and reports.

Lesson: #3 Trading using IBKR Mobile on the iPhone©

In this Traders’ Academy lesson we will be discussing trading using IBKR Mobile on your iPhone. We’ll cover using the Order Ticket, attaching orders and navigating the Order Entry Wheel and using iBot to trade. Plus, we’ll explore the BookTrader tool where you can transmit orders from a deep book ladder of prices.

Lesson: #4 Monitor Your Account and Portfolio

In this Traders’ Academy lesson we’ll be discussing monitoring your account balances and portfolio using IBKR Mobile on the iPhone. You’ll learn how to: View your account balances, margin requirements, available funds and market value; Access mobile Account Management for additional reports and to update trade permissions and market data subscriptions; View your portfolio and daily P&L, plus how to customize and rearrange the column headers; and Manage your notifications and set-up the Trading Assistant for price, position and trade alerts.

Lesson: #5 Options on the iPhone©

In this Traders' Academy lesson we'll discuss options using IBKR Mobile on your iPhone. You'll learn how to: View option chains;How to customize the option chain display - expiry, trading class, number of strikes and columns displayed; Create a multi-leg combo using the Strategy Builder; and Add options and option combos to the Watchlist.

Lesson: #6 Creating Scanners & Configuration Tips for the iPhone©

In this Traders' Academy lesson we'll discuss creating scanners and explore some configuration tips for IBKR Mobile on your iPhone. You'll learn how to: Access the different types of scanners, such as Most Active, Top Percentage Gainers, Most Active by Option Volume and More!; Run existing scanners and create your own with customizable criteria; and Customize the IBKR Mobile's tab bar, change the font size and adding the company name to your instrument data line.

Lesson: #7 Getting Started with IBKR Mobile on the iPad©

In this Traders' Academy lesson we’ll discuss using IBKR Mobile on your iPad. We have explored IBKR Mobile on the iPhone in previous lessons and the functionality between the two is very similar. In this lesson, you'll learn how to: Navigate the IBKR Mobile iPad interface; Adjust the tab bar icons, create Watchlists and place orders; View charts and adjust the chart settings; and view your portfolio and learn how to manage your columns and portfolio sort options.

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