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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

Our Advisor course is designed to walk you through IBKR’s integrated advisor solutions, either as an existing advisor client at Interactive Brokers or whether you are considering becoming a client.

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Lesson: #1 Adding Contacts to the Advisor Portal

Learn how to add a single contact or how to migrate multiple contacts from another broker or custodian.

Lesson: #2 Invite Prospects to Open an Account

See how to invite a prospect to open an account using the Advisor Portal. Learn about the two methods for completing a client application: fully and semi-electronic.

Lesson: #3 Market Data for Advisors

Learn where you can review IBKR’s market data bundles and packages and how users can subscribe via Advisor Portal.

Lesson: #4 Monitoring Positions and the Account Window

Advisors need to be able to see client positions quickly and cleanly within the trading interface. This lesson explains where to view key data.

Lesson: #5 Rebalance Portfolio for Advisors

Learn how to use the TWS Rebalance Portfolio tool for the entire portfolio, not just models. See how to access it and set weights to rebalance the portfolio.

Lesson: #6 Navigating the TWS Advisor Setup Window

The Advisor Setup window hosts several key configuration settings for Advisors, enabling them to logically divide clients into groups, create Model Portfolios and administer default allocation settings.

Lesson: #7 Order Entry for Advisors

This lesson will explain how to simply use the Allocation tools within the Order Entry panel to easily buy or sell on behalf of one or more clients at a stroke.

Lesson: #8 TWS Allocation Order Tool

The Trader Workstation Allocation Order Tool allows an advisor to quickly and accurately allocate a single trade in stocks, options, futures, or future options into their clients’ accounts. Advisors can narrow down the list of eligible accounts by using a variety of filters and choose the allocation method prior to submitting the trade.

Lesson: #9 Configuring Client Account Templates

In this lesson, we'll show you how to save time with creating client account templates which may be accessed when sending a prospect an application invite.

Lesson: #10 Configuring Fee Templates

Use a template to configure fee structures for clients. Whether you create a single template or multiple versions to cater to different types of clients, this set-up can help streamline the account application process.

Lesson: #11 Adding Users and Access Rights

Learn how, once your account is approved and opened, to add users and user roles. You can grant them access to a subset of Advisor Portal functions. This includes granting access to functions for one or more sub accounts.

Lesson: #12 White Branding

Learn how to white brand your client statements, registration and other materials with your own organization’s identity, including on performance reports created by PortfolioAnalyst.

Lesson: #13 Reporting for Advisors

This lesson will show you how in the Advisor Portal to run default and custom reports to view client activity.

Lesson: #14 Customizing the TWS Layout

The Mosaic interface inside TWS is highly configurable and easy to use. This lesson helps first-time users understand the tile layout, how to unlock and change the display and points to the myriad of additional pages housed in the Layout Library.

Lesson: #15 Signing up for a Paper Trading Account

Learn how to open a paper trading account which lets you use the full range of IBKR’s trading features in a simulated environment using real market conditions.

Lesson: #16 TWS Model Portfolios

Build and invest Model Portfolios to help you streamline the investing process. In this lesson we walk through the creation of Model Portfolios as well as how to invest in them.

Lesson: #17 How to Rebalance and Divest a Model

Demonstrate and explain how to add/remove stocks from Models. Adding an Option to a model. Divesting a Model and adding a client to a model.

Lesson: #18 Reallocate for Advisors

Reallocating funds from one model to another and allocating more funds to another model.

Lesson: #19 Enable Client Activation Notifications

Today we are going to show you how to set-up your account so that new clients will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to access Client Portal.

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