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Contributed By: CME Group

Learn about micro futures and futures options on CME Group’s Micro WTI Crude Oil contracts, and understand how they can be used to trade and hedge with respect to the price of crude oil.

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Great ideas transcend asset classes. CME Group is launching a new, smaller-sized futures contract on its global benchmark, WTI Crude Oil.

Precision hedging of a Crude Oil options position is one of the many features and benefits of NYMEX Micro WTI Crude Oil futures.

Micro WTI Crude Oil futures contracts, from CME Group, are listed monthly and expire one day prior to the expiration of the corresponding contract month of the standard WTI Crude Oil futures contract.

CME Group is launching a new, smaller sized option contracts on its global WTI Crude Oil benchmark.  Micro WTI Crude Oil options will be 1/10th the size of the standard sized WTI Crude Oil option, providing market participants an efficient and cost-effective method to gain exposure to the crude oil market.

Have you ever wanted to express your view on the crude oil market but were hesitant because of the large contract sizes or premiums? Now you can trade smaller sized options on CME Group’s global WTI Crude Oil benchmark with Micro WTI Crude Oil options.

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