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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

Client Portal enables clients of Interactive Brokers to stay connected to what matters as well as access key features and services in their accounts. Client Portal not only provides users with access to details about their accounts, but also allows them to trade using a single log in.

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Lesson: #1 Navigating and Trading using IBKR’s Client Portal

This lesson will show you how to login, navigate and trade using the Client Portal interface.

Lesson: #2 Watchlists and Market Scanners in Client Portal

In this lesson we will show how to build and save watchlists inside the Client Portal. We will also look at operating and saving templates from the Market Scanner.

Lesson: #3 Message Center & Ticketing System

This lesson will explain how to use the IBKR Client Portal to access the Message Center and various methods of help available through the Ticketing System. The Customer Message Center can be used efficiently to assist in resolving issues.

Lesson: #4 Client Portal Account Features

Users may log in to the Client Portal website where they can easily access statements and portfolio reports. Explore the accounting capabilities of Client Portal along with an array of other tools including Flex and Tax reporting.

Lesson: #5 Client Portal Banking Features

Use the convenience of Client Portal to manage position and fund transfers and configure product trading permissions as well as create market data subscriptions.

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