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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

We’ll take a deeper dive into the Advisor Portal and TWS. We’ll show you how to create a risk profile questionnaire to send to your clients and explain how you can customize your client’s application and onboard multiple accounts using Application XML. Step-by-step we’ll show you the Tax Optimizer tool to manage your gains and losses for tax purposes. We’ll walk through TWS Rebalance Portfolio and Model Portfolio tools, plus show you how to navigate IBKR Mobile for Advisors. Lastly, we’ll give you a tour of PortfolioAnalyst, Bonds and Cash Management features tailored for Advisors.

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Lesson: #1 Adding Users & User Roles to Your Account

Learn how, once your account is approved and funded, to add users and user roles. You can grant them access to a subset of Advisor Portal functions. This includes granting access to functions for one or more sub accounts.

Lesson: #2 Rebalance Portfolio Tool

This lesson will explore using the TWS Rebalance Portfolio Tool whereby advisors can automatically rebalance all accounts, a single subaccount, or a user-defined Account Group or Model.

Lesson: #3 Customizing Your Account Application with IBKR’s Application XML

Application XML is a process that lets Registered Advisors provide their clients with their own customized Interactive Brokers account application experience based on IBKR's Application XML Schema. In Application XML, you use our schema as the basis for your own client account application, collect all of the required information about your client applicants using your own web site, and then return all of the client information back to us in XML documents for processing.

Lesson: #4 IBKR Mobile for Advisors

In this lesson we’ll show you how you can trade and view the portfolios of your individual client accounts, account groups and models using IBKR Mobile. IBKR Mobile is available for both iOS© and Android devices.

Lesson: #5 IBKR’s Client Risk Profile Tool

The IBKR Client Risk Profile tool is designed to help Advisors determine the most suitable investments for their clients, based on each client’s risk capacity, risk need and risk tolerance. This information is collected through the distribution of a custom-designed client questionnaire. Advisors can view the scores through the Advisor Portal and can even create custom pre-trade allocation groups and profiles from the scores in TWS to place orders and allocate trades for clients with similar risk profiles.

Lesson: #6 IBKR’s RIA Compliance Center

Did you know that Interactive Brokers offers a wealth of information concerning RIA compliance right on the IBKR web site? Starting and registering your own advisory firm offers many benefits, including independence and the ability to control the advisory services your clients receive. But this increased freedom and control come with additional responsibilities, including making sure you comply with applicable state and federal rules.

Lesson: #7 Tax Optimizer

This lesson will explore the IBKR Tax Optimizer tool which lets you manage your stock, option, bond, warrant, single-stock future and mutual fund gains and losses for tax purposes.

Lesson: #8 Model Portfolio Overview

Advisor accounts using Model Portfolios can create theme-based investment strategies and invest client accounts directly into them.

Lesson: #9 Model Portfolios – Independent and Model Positions

This video distinguishes the two sides of an account when running Model Portfolios and explains how the software may be programmed to recognize existing client holdings before investing in a Model.

Lesson: #10 IBKR Cash Products, Fixed Income and PortfolioAnalyst Solutions for Advisors

This lesson will tour a variety of cash products for your clients, such as the IBKR Debit Card program, Fixed Income investment products and PortfolioAnalyst tool which lets your clients link their investment, banking, checking, incentive plan and credit card accounts into a complete portfolio view to calculate returns, understand risks and measure performance against common or custom benchmarks.

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