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Contributor: Interactive Brokers

Level: Beginner

Our Advisor Orientation course is designed to walk you through IBKR’s integrated advisor solutions, either as an existing advisor client at Interactive Brokers or whether you are considering becoming a client.

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Lesson: #1 Which IBKR Advisor Account Structure is Right for You?

This lesson will examine the different Advisor account structures available at Interactive Brokers to help you make the right choice.

Lesson: #2 How to Open an Advisor Master Account

This video will explain what you need to start your IBKR advisor application and the steps to open the master account.

Lesson: #3 Login and Get Started with the Advisor Portal

After the Advisor master account has been approved and funded, the next step is to log into the AdvisorPortal. The Advisor Portal is a free and powerful client relationship management (CRM) platform for advisors on the IBKR platform.

Lesson: #4 How to Add Contacts and Prospects

This lesson will show you how to add a single contact into the Advisor Portal either manually or with a vCard (electronic business card), and how to upload multiple contacts via an Excel workbook.

Lesson: #5 How to Invite Prospects to Open an Account

This lesson will show you how to invite a prospect to open an account using the Advisor Portal. Learn about the two methods for completing a client application; fully and semi-electronic.

Lesson: #6 Onboard Multiple Client Accounts using an Excel Workbook

In this lesson you’ll learn how to upload multiple client accounts into IBKR’s system using a single Excel workbook.

Lesson: #7 Setting Fees and Configuring Fee Templates

In this lesson, we will show you how to configure client fees using the Advisor Portal. There are a few ways to configure fees for a client, such as when sending a prospect an account invitation. You can set fees manually or use a client fee template; or, choose to configure fees later when the client is onboarded.

Lesson: #8 Investing for Clients Using TWS – Allocation Profiles

This lesson will show you the steps for creating Allocation Profiles. An Allocation Profile enables the Advisor to manually specify allocation amongst a specific group of clients by predetermining the number of shares, a percentage or a ratio at which the trade will allocate.

Lesson: #9 Investing for Clients Using TWS – Account Groups

Advisors can pre-trade allocate to client accounts using TWS by configuring which accounts will be included in a trade, and according to one of several methods, divide the shares between clients.

Lesson: #10 White Branding

Learn how to white brand your client statements, registration and other materials with your own organization’s identity, including on performance reports created by PortfolioAnalyst.

Lesson: #11 Creating and Customizing Client Statements

Advisors can create activity statements at the Advisor account level, individual client account level or create a consolidated statement which can include some or all your accounts. This lesson will show you how to create and customize client statements.

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