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P/E Ratio

Pair Trade

Pairs – Net Returns

Pairs – Ratio

Pairs – Risk Arb

Paper Trading Account

Par Value

Parabolic SAR


Parity Bonds

Partial (Transfer)

Partial Call

Participating Preferred Stock


Pass-Through Certificates

Passive Relative Order



Pattern Day Trader

Payment Date

Payment for Order Flow

Payment in Lieu of Dividends

Payoff Diagram

Payout Ratio (TTM)


Pegged to Benchmark Order

Pegged to Market Order

Pegged to Market Volatility

Pegged to Midpoint Order

Pegged to Midpoint Volatility

Pegged to Primary Volatility

Pegged to Stock Order

Pegged to Surface Volatility


Penalty Bid

Pending Orders Page

Penny Stock

Percent B Indicator

Percent Markup (%)

Percent of Ownership

Percent of Volume Algo

Percentage Price Oscillator

Percentage Volume Oscillator

Performance Indicator

Performance Measure

Performance Profile

Period Return

Permissioned Blockchains

Personal Expenditure

Personal Income



Physical Commodity

Physical Delivery Option

Physical Market

Pin Risk


Pivot Points

Pivot Points High/Low

Planned Amortization Class (PAC)


Portfolio (Jefferies)

Portfolio Checkup

Portfolio Margin Account

Portfolio or Watchlist News

Portfolio Performance Profile

Portfolio Window



Position Instruction

Position Transfer Basis

Position Transfer between Master and Sub

Position Transfer Type

Positive Periods

Positive Volume Index (PVI)


Post-Effective Period

Post-Expiry Excess (predicted)

Post-Expiry Margin @ Open (predicted)

Post-Trade Allocations


Pre-Borrow Program

Pre-organization Certificate


Pre-Trade Allocations


Prearranged Trading

Precautionary Settings

Predefined Watchlist

Preemptive Rights

Preferred Stock


Premium Bond

Premium Spread

Prepayment Rate

Prepayment Risk

Preregistration (Pre-filing) Period

Preservation of Capital

Previous Day Equity with Loan Value

Price Alerts

Price Discovery

Price History

Price Improvement

Price Improvement Auction

Price Inline

Price Movement Alarms

Price Oscillator

Price Target History

Price Variant Percentage of Volume Strategy

Price Volume Trend Indicator

Price-to-Book Ratio

Price-to-Cash Flow Ratio

Price-to-Earnings Ratio

Price-to-Sales Ratio

Price/Risk Analytics

Primary Authorizer

Primary Beneficiary

Primary Market


Principal Only (PO) Securities

Principles for Responsible Investment

Private Activity or Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) Bonds

Private Equity

Private Equity Fund

Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE)

Private Key

Private Placement

Probability Lab

Producer (AP)

Professional Status

Profit and Loss

Program-Related Investments

Projected Look Ahead Initial Margin

Projected Look Ahead Maintenance Margin

Projected Overnight Initial Margin

Projected Overnight Maintenance Margin

Prompt Date

Proof-of-Authority (PoA)

Proof-of-Stake (PoS)

Proof-of-Work (PoW)

Proprietary Trading Group


Protective Call

Protective Put

PSA Model

Public Elevators

Public Key

Public Ledger

Purchase and Sale Statement (P&S)

Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)

Pure Water


Put Backspread

Put Provision

Put Spread


Python API

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